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Re: <no subject>

>my setup consists of 2 efxs processors 3 microphones a few pedals some key
>boards a 1402 and my behringer compressor. can anyone give me a hint on 
>to set this up in a proper fashion so as to achieve maxium sound quality.

gain structure!  that's the most important thing.

if a signal which is too hot (too loud) goes through one of your
devices, it will overload the device and distort.

However, the noise level of a device is usually signal-independent.
So if the signal going through the device is too low then the
noise will be (comparatively) louder.

Thus, to get the best possible sound quality, the signal going through
each part of the signal chain has to be as loud as possible without
distortion at any time.

I usually get this by turning the signal up at each point until it
distorts and then backing off somewhat.  Please remember that
in live performance it seems inevitable that you will generate sounds
much louder than you would have possibly anticipated...