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Re: boomerang review.

        I've always adhered to the tenet of: "Use what works for you."  
I'm a gear
nut myself. You just have to deal with it as a musician! Better this than,
let's say . . . heroin, eh?
Take care,
Jeff McLeod

At 02:06 AM 9/11/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>i remember reading , its not what you play with that really determines 
>sound but how you play (or compose)......is there truth to 
>used and abused a rang for over two years and i find myself wondering, 
>my music be better if i used an edp or a jammie or a daw or a 
>what-ever........i could play a kline thru a switchblade into a vortex
into a 
>jammie then into an edp and send it all thru my computer and im afraid i 
>would still sound like me.........i really dont know what im geting at but
>getting scared.........is there a ten step G.A.S. addiction program out 
This is not here--
And now is almost over...