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RE: Show and tell

Hey, Ted-

Thanks for the Sustainiac credit!
Do you still work for Musicians Friend?  Can you tell me who runs it?  
was a man and his wife from there at NAMM, who visited my Sustainiac booth,
and I think they might be the people who run it, but I can't remember his

I am leaving the office now, and won't get your reply until Monday.


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Hmmmm. If the attatched JPEG makes it through everybody's various ISPs.

For what it's worth, here's mine (as it exists for the moment). 

A little convoluted but probaby no more so than most of you folks.

Some funky old pieces too (that I'd just as soon relpace if I had the $$$).

On the top of my wish list is a good ring-modulator (any one say 

That and a few more EV-5s...

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Obligatory yawns?

Ted Killian