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Re: boomerang review.

"Man, people knock the sound of the boomerang. for me, the sound
quality is really good. I think the way you set it up makes all the
difference though. For me, I run a line in to it (not direct guitar in"

I didn't mean to sound so down on the product. the first time I used it I
put an acoustic through a keyboard amp. this hi fi set up yielded a very
muddy sound. after that I ran my strat through a guitar amp and every thing
was fine.  The point I was trying to make is that this is a really cool
device as long as you are doing low-fi sampling. the guys at boomerang say
that the next model or upgrade will be out sometime in the near future with
a better sound. If this comes to pass I don't think any other sampler could
come close to this device.

have you done the backwards sole loop thing. this only makes it soooooo