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RE: boomerang review.


        Man, people knock the sound of the boomerang. for me, the sound
quality is really good. I think the way you set it up makes all the
difference though. For me, I run a line in to it (not direct guitar in), I
set the switch in the back of the boom to line (as opposed to mic or
instrument), then I keep the trim knob down until i get a solid signal with
no distortion. I keep it low and rely on the power amp to provide the
volume. This keeps the noise volume to a minnimum. When you boost the line
level, you get a bunch of noise, keeping it low avoids this. My regular 
amps are on a volume of 3, and the amp for the boomerang (solid state with
one 12ax7 tube) runs at about volume:6. It works really well. I also run 
boomerang into a bass cabinet with 2x10's and a horn. Why ? Because the
boomerang has kind of shrill high end and I run a line in with tube sound
(balanced line in), also I can use the 1/2 speed to get some really nice 
tones. Also try getting a cheap chorus and run it in stereo. Very cool in
stereo. But I'm clumsy with my feet so I use a volume pedal to fade it in
and out.Also, I only use the pass thru (original signal) switch as an
effect, usually just the boom signal into that cab. I rate the boom like

Final thoughts .....money value:B-.........ease of
> use:A++........sound:b+.(with some work)..........


Denis taaffe