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Re: Re: The GT-5 is a looper?

Quite so...plus there is a neat wrinkle, re: the GT-5's short delay--set 
up a 
preset with max delay time, with feedback at 100% or nearly, and a mod 
placed after the delay block. Copy this to each position in a 5-patch 
then switch each mod effect to a different process. Now, you can switch 
preset to preset with the delay line full and looping, and the delay 
spill-over will send the same loop thru each mod process...of course, if 
place an outside mono looper (headrush, for example) in the physical loop, 
you could do the same thing with longer delay times.

<<I believe that's and EFFECTS loop which would allow you to patch in 
set of rack or pedal effects within the GT-5's signal path.  It does have a
delay would could be used as a very short looper....>>

Subject: The GT-5 is a looper?

> I was looking for new ways to process my v-drums and tablas, when I ran
> across the GT-5.  While looking at the list-o-effects it included Loop,
> anyone have more information on this?>>