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Re: NYC-area loop performances?

>Todd Reynolds here.  You probably haven't heard my name before, but i am
>violinist with Steve Reich

Then I've almost certainly seen you play and have CDs with your work on it!
Great stuff.

>was with John Cale, worked as a sideman with
>others you probably do know.

probably I don't know them well as Reich, I've studied his work very 

>I'm starting up a number of my own
>projects, some of which are indeed loopy based.  please let me know more
>information about what is appropriate for your listings....  or where to
>see your publication...

http://www.topica.com/perl/read.pl?list=10000825 has the list.
you can subscribe from there too I believe.

it's an email calendar list.

any sort of music or art that can be interpreted as "extreme" counts.

send me your items, or if you subscribe you can send them right to
the list (though I moderate to prevent Spam).


btw, given what you like you might like this piece of mine


though it isn't loopy and it isn't Reich either...