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Re: Oberheim Now Distributed in US by Armadillo

Whoa.  35 sounds like a huge number --  overkill, almost -- I wonder if 
this includes tech support engineers?  :)

I believe a mockup of the OB12 was showing at the Frankfurt Messe -- the 
appearance was quite classy, and different from the Matrix series, from 
what I can recall of an even half a year ago...

The real question is:  will we get an EDP with a different color front 
panel? :)  
Now I'm really really regretting missing out on the group buy...  

>Oberheim Now Distributed in US by
>  Armadillo
>  September 10, 1999 - Armadillo Enterprises has announced that they are
>now the new
>  distributors of the Oberheim product line in the United State. These
>products are made
>  in Italy under the parent corporation "Viscount." Viscount has 35
>full-time engineers
>  that are managing to come up with some great new products for the
>Oberheim line.
>The new products that will be out within the next 6 months are the OB12 
>the OB5.
>No mention of the you-know-what, and it isn't on the site...