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Let's compare the RDS 7.6 and RDS 8000

Hi people,

I've encountered a cheap  RDS 7.6  nearby  ($100)  and am considering it.
Among other loopers, I've been using the RDS 8000 already. It seems the 
is an older issue and I'm hoping it may have a grittier, early-digital 
quality, making  it useful for textural variation (my ol' Jam Man is 
practically HiFi when it comes to electric guitar!) 

Anybody compared the two RDS's?  
The 7.6 also has a VCO input on the back, and I believe my 8000 does not. 
What can you do with that control?

ANother difference I noticed is when set to max. delay (as it should be!) 
time delay range seems to be greater - the dial is marked something like 
sec. - 7.6 sec. This may give greater pitch control of a loop (once held) 
than the 8000 which goes from 2 sec. to 8 sec. in max. delay.

Oh and one more thing - what does "Invert Feedback" do?


eric p
echo park