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FS: JamMan (32sec) $450 Harmony Central

Asking Price: US$450
Condition: Good
Age: N/A

       Jamman with 32 second upgrade.

       The three analog knobs are somewhat scratchy (while being turned),
the headphone jack works best inserted to the first click (no problems on
the other jacks).


       Lexicon says the above mentioned problems are very common on the
Jamman. They currently perform a Jamman overhaul for $95 which covers all
inserts and pots.
       (I bought the unit used in this condition, and it has worked with no
other troubles for me during the year and a half Ive owned it.)

       BTW, I recently corresponded with a guy who bought an 8 sec. Jamman
for $450 which has the same problems, although the seller failed to inform
him of the

       Incl. orig. footswitch+cable, p.s., copy of manual.


Seller: Jeff Lies, (402) 445-0656
E-mail: jefflies@radiks.net (Profile)
Location: OMAHA, NE
Post Date: 9/8/99