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Re: Gibson update

K. Douglas Baldwin wrote:

> >1. The capability of dividing any loop length by any integer..."but, 
> Jamie,
> >th-that would mean, I don't know, dividing a six-second loop by, 
> one of those
> >loathsome prime numbers, like seventy-one, w-wouldn't it?"
> You see, I had to go dig up my pocket calculator to do this stupid 
> But 6 divided by 71 equals a neat lil' granule of .084507th of a second. 
> that what you were driving at, Jimbo?

driving at, around, past and well into the next county, sir, yes, sir --
macrogranularity in full g-dd-mn f-echt, k-dog...

> Excellent, Excellent! But a couple of considerations: guys like me hate
> keypads. I don't even know why I'm sitting here tapping away at this
> confounded Satan-inspired beige pseudo-TV typewriter cheap excuse for a 
> player thing... So me for zero PowerBooks, me for many knobs and LED
> readouts. Perhaps, Kim, whydoncha stick some kind of USB port onto the 
> of the EP so our PC's can perform advanced trig on our loops if we so
> desire, as Jim so desires? And Jim IS one of us, just a slob like one of 
> just a stranger on the buss...

...but not Ozzy's daughter, sadly, although I'm willing to take a blood
test...nor have I a hat like a cone, although I'm willing to take a

But, Doug..._DOUG_...why should you want to malign me by association
keypadcentricity? Sure and you know there is much in the way of
controllers" for computer and MIDI alike, or in series; so much so that
one need
do little more, "pseudo-TV typewriter cheap excuse for a CD player
than turn it on, open an application or three, turn it off, thanks for
out, be sure to try the veal, good night, Albion, MI. The Peavey PC
1600x MIDI
fader box is legendary in this regard; virtually no self-respecting
goes out on the gig without one. You, Doug, would undoubtedly prefer the
Briar MIDI Theremin. And, you know, once that USB-to-14" converter comes

>     And Jim, what was that free software offer you made me? ) Private 
> please.

ixnay on the eefray oftwaresay on a ublicpay orumfay, umbkopfday!

>     And Jim, why doncha plug the gig with Holland up in Patakiville?

Oh, yeah...good idea...let me go back in time and send out a poorly
e-mail announcement straight away...there! Check out the last digest.

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