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Re: Echoplex sells for $3,050.00

No way!  I thought for sure the winning bid and the 2 other 1000+ bids were
hoax bids from bad email addresses.  

And the other day I saw a Triaxis fs on r.m.m.m. for 200.00 thinking the
same thing ("that's a funny way to get your rocks off").

Hey, on a related note I've got a DSP4500 for sale - I'm asking $350.  (ha
ha, he he he - if I did own one, I wouldn't be selling it)

At 12:25 PM 9/8/99 -0700, you wrote:
>According to the bidder who came in 2nd (and bid $3,000), at least 4 of us
>contacted him and selflessly offered up their own prized EDP's for a 
>Pleading guilty,
>(hey: I love my EDP, but for $3000 grand I'd part with it.  I mean, 
>be made again....  someday.... maybe....)