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Procrastination Audio Looper


Someone asked about Procrastination....the audio looper, right?

It's one of the coolest pieces of software I've ever used to do 
anything with.

It's an audio looper for Power Macintosh computers and uses the audio
extensions for MAX although one need not own it to make it work as you
can download a abbreviated version to make it work.

It essentially is four one minute loopers with controllable feedback
and stereo positioning for each, also with the ability to do .AIFF
dumps of the material to hard disc. 

The author of the program had versions 1.0 and then  with version 1.1
there were other versions, one long four minute loop, and another with
2 two minute loopers and the standard four one minute loops but with a
slight change to the user interface.

I'll post the URL here a bit later as it's in my bookmarks at home.  The
looper was written by a gentleman who is/was on this very list and has 
stopped development on the looper to concentrate on his music.  However,
the most recent version of the looper is available for download.

Now, for those who despair that the author has stopped development to 
work on music, do not.   You can still download what exists now.

Also, there is another, to quote Yoda.

Another neat PowerPC Macintosh looper is available to you now...the
program's called Looper 1.5.  Yes, it uses the Max audio extensions.
Yes, it also has long delay times.  And yes, it also has big regen..
What's different about it?  Oh, this one has filtering of the audio
source for further mutation.  Very cool!  Sort of like Procrastination
is like a big white horse and Looper 1.5 is a similar beast but with
zebra stripes.

 Only problem: it's a bit (well, it looks like a modular synthesizer) 
complicated - I'm still figuring it out.  The same guy is involved in
pluggo and the software based on the Life game to create filtered
sounds.....I'm terrible with names lately.

Now, let me apologize in advance to let you be aware that I cannot for
the life of me remember the names of the geniuses who programmed these
pieces of software.  I feel terrible about it, but they've definetely
created amazing software.  I'll post the URL to that software as well
later today.

So, bring out your altavista and yahoo and search for Ken Mistove (I
think he did procrastination) and then search for "Looper 1.5".

Sorry for the vagueness, it's my nature.  Zzzzzzz....