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upon the fringes of looplicity...

    I am having recurring problems viewing live real video from my computer. Being one who sometimes needs to be walked through certain "difficult" applications, I am wondering if anyone would be willing to enlighten me as to how to gain access to a live real-video stream...specifically ARS Electronica Festival 1999 (9/9/99 Carl Stone [utilizing a Powerbook and MAX/MSP loopnology] will be performing his 9-minute tape piece entitled SpeedGuel as part of "Recombinant 9/9/99", the final event featuring Ikue Mori, Otomo Yoshihide, and Scot Jenerik as well). Any help (directions, ideas, web-sites) will be beneficial.
    On another distant looping note, I finally paid off my Echoplex DP and am thoroughly enjoying the creative possibilities. It meshes with my "style" well. Strangely it is a brand new piece of equipment, yet came with a surprising 53 seconds of memory (-only expecting 12secs.)! Is this normal? I'm not complaining. My vortex should arrive via Palomba Music in NY anyday. The owner Benny ROCKS! Well recommended.
    Furthermore my insatiable queries into unorthodox guitar signal processing has brought me across an interesting synth called a Microwave XT by Waldorf. Does anyone have knowledge of this wonder. It looks very appetizing! http://www.waldorf-gmbh.de/  Evidently, with a 1/4" input you can plug anything from guitar to vocals into this thing and tweek it into the next millenium. Nice! Perhaps, though, all I really need is the 4-pole filter thingy which is much less expensive and just as devastating. Peace in,
p.s. This echoplex software update songs tantalizing! Granulations? wow.