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Re: asking for some advice....

> the questions i have are concerned with signal path.  i have been
> sending my instrument thru the preamp to the amp, then sending and
> returning through all the other gear from the amp itself.  i'm thinking
> of sending and returning from the preamp itself, doing all the
> processing and looping, then going to the amp in the end with the
> effected signal.  would any of you be kind enough to offer me some
> suggestions or feedback?
Hi Todd,
I have  a similar type of rig. The Pendulum has such a great stereo 
effects buss that I would certainly use that feature.  I have the 
SPS-1(stereo preamp) and I use the second channel for feeding back my 
looped signal. That way I can put a pedal in line and control the 
level of the loop on the fly enableing me to fade it in and out and 
other cool stuff. If you have the mono unit ,it still has a stereo 
effects buss. With  pedals in line you can do a lot of interaction 
with your separate effects units and still keep a nice clean 
uneffected signal mixed in for a super clear sound.I am always trying 
different combinations but I usually like to keep that loop in it's 
own channel. You could even feed that to the second channel on the 
WOODS if it has one. How was your Broadway gig?

drop on by for a visit