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asking for some advice....

dear looping partner's in crime,

am adding some new gear to my rack and so far have had some issues with
gain structure.  i wondered if i could solicit some advice.

here is the gear...

sony freedom series wireless system  at line level...

a pendulum audio preamp

lexicon mpx G2 effects unit


all going to a walter woods amplifier.

the questions i have are concerned with signal path.  i have been
sending my instrument thru the preamp to the amp, then sending and
returning through all the other gear from the amp itself.  i'm thinking
of sending and returning from the preamp itself, doing all the
processing and looping, then going to the amp in the end with the
effected signal.  would any of you be kind enough to offer me some
suggestions or feedback?


todd reynolds

Todd Reynolds                                    "paint as you like, and
die happy"   -   henry miller
500B Grand St.  11G
New York, NY  10002

212 475-8559  phone
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