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Re: minidisc generations

Check out the Sony MDS-W1 for a home deck that will "clone" an MD.  Check
out the "pro" Sony MDS-B5/MDS-B6P (4x speed "cloning").  Then there's the
Denon 045R MiniDisc Replicator at a cool $4200.  All are lossless copiers.

Dennis Leas

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Date: Tuesday, September 07, 1999 1:41 PM
Subject: Re: minidisc generations

>In a message dated 03/09/99 18:15:50 GMT Daylight Time, wgold@mecasw.com
>> Of course when talking compression, there's always lossage, BUT... Since
>>  the data is compressed at record time onto the MD, then the D->D
>>  from one deck to another should copy the pre-compressed data so it
>>  have to go through another compression (I would HOPE this is how it
>>  please correct me if I'm wrong).
>Sadly I don't think the lossless copy from MD to MD is possible as the
>digital O/P
>is in a format that gear without ATRAC can read. I haven't heard of a
>with a separate O/P for the compressed data, which is what would be 
>I guess this is something to do with the paranoia that the recording
>about 'pirate' copies. >  please correct me if I'm wrong).
>Andy Butler