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Loop This!

FNGP is happy to announce the next project on board for FingerPaint. We are
looking for sonic contributions from list members to be used at our
discretion for our CD release "Loop This!" The loops can be ambient swirly
material, bass lines, drum loops, rhythm tracks, vocal lines, samples,
melodies, anything....it is up to the contributor. (All loops should
contain only material created by the contributor, with sample clearance for
our use.)

Why are we doing this? It is a common notion that randomness is an
indispensable ingredient of creative acts. In FingerPaint we begin our
pieces by improvising loop(s). We use multiple JAM MEN, ECHPLEXI, &
DIGITECH TIME MACHINES as well as multiple effects boxes and synths to
create our loops. Then we play with this material and see what develops.
Since distance and budgetary constraints prevent us from inviting other
loopers directly into our studio, we are exploring this avenue as a way to
begin working with other musicians. "Loop This!" will be released under the
name of the FingerPaint Collective.

IF we use your material, you will be fully credited on the CD, our web site
and anywhere else we can infiltrate. Our two previous CD releases have
generated several reviews and air play round the world. Also any one who's
material makes it on the CD will receive 5 CD's to keep for the
grandchildren.... When this project becomes financially solvent royalties
will be paid out in accordance with the number of participants.

Eventually we my be doing this with MP3 files posted directly to our site.
A remix of this project is also possible. Let's explore.

Send your material on DAT or CD to:

PO BOX 5364
Takoma Park, MD


                     Fingerpaint's New Release:

                            IN THE LOOP

      ... an intelligent, stimulating mixture of mimimaist spacebeats and
           obscure samples layered upon a hypnotic illbient backdrop.

                       DIGITAL ARTIFACT # 12