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Re: Streaming real audio from a server that doesn't support it....

Anthony Mullen wrote:
> Hi folks,
> My service provider (globalnet) are crap and don't host real audio 
> that I need to stream from my webspace..
> Question is - is there a way around this - by installing some sort of 
> side program to do this?

To http stream real audio from any server 

1) Make your .rm file, preferably in encoder 5.0 (most
compatible) at your chosen rate, for example 20/kbs and
save the file i.e. audiofile.rm 

2) Use a text file editor and make a new file that has
the url of the .rm file, for example the file can
inlcude one or more lines that would read
http://www.myserver.com/audiofile.rm save the file as

3) Post both files on the server and link to the .ram
file for streaming and the .rm for download. 

General preference:
56k modem users can usually stream a file at 16kbs or
20kbs reasonably. MP3 can also be streamed using a
similar method naming the 'wrapper' file audiofile.m3u 

MP3 is quite good for high quality files or 128kbs and
real audio is very nice for low quality.