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Re: Mini-discs: To the point...(OT)

> I'm going to give him source material on MD that he's going to add to.  
>In a
> past life, we've worked together before.  Now, he lives in Texas, i live 
> Denver.  I'm going to send him discs.  Obviously, i want to back up my 
> before trusting it to snail-mail.  I'm working with the portable Sharp MD
> MS-702.  The problem is:  How to best backup the discs?  Clearly, it 
> that its BEST (in terms of the quality of the backup) to copy the discs 
> another MD player.  The problem is that i don't have a second unit, funds
> are tight, blah blah, blah.  The inability to make backups could delay 
> project anywhere from weeks to a couple of months (when my piggy-bank 
> back up).

How about this plan:

1) keep your minidisc as a track master

2) copy the minidisc to tape and send the tape to your collaborator

3) your collaborator uses your tape to monitor your sound while recording 
own tracks independently to a separate minidisc, then sends you the 
So basically all he used your recording for was to monitor.

4) provided you have a four-track or computer mixing software you can then
record from your track master, then from his track master, and then mix 
the resulting four tracks to a final master.

The only difficulty is synchronizing the two tracks, but if you put some 
clicks at the beginning of the recording and then have him emulate the 
on his recording it's not insurmountable, especially if you are using a

Anyway, good luck!