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More looping goofiness + cucurullo loops

The Cucurullo looping album is called:
"Warren Cucurullo: MACHINE LANGUAGE" on Imago recordings.
I've been looking for a copy (a friend has one).
It sounded kind of ambient and some tracks you'd never guess in a
million years that it's an electric guitar you are hearing.

Okay - here's the deal.  I was playing around with my Roland VS-840
workstation.  As most people know, it comes equipped with a Roland 
COSM effects preamp.  One of the features in this preamp is a rather
nice delay effect, but I finally got down to programming it - you can
actually use the VS-840 as a combination audio mixer, 8-track digital
recorder and multi-effector!  I think most people buy it as a home 
recording unit, but it can do so much more.

I found the delay is rather nice.  Once you pump it up to full length
and a rather nice reneration, you can get really nice loopage going.

Since all the FX of the COSM preamp are available, you can use those
in addition to the delay as well.

More later as I explore the device....

Todd Madson
Musician, Mountain Biker, Stunt Kite Flyer, BeOS/MacOS/Linux/WinNt user.