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Interesting item on eBay web site item#153704042: Roberts Roto-Neck Guitar Limited Edition #35

Have any of you ever seen one of these bizarre creatures?

Title of item:  Roberts Roto-Neck Guitar Limited Edition #35
Seller: pawnbroker@mindspring.com
Starts: 08/27/99, 10:10:37 PDT
Ends:   09/03/99, 10:10:37 PDT
Price:  Currently $152.50
To bid on the item, go to:      

Item Description:               
        Roberts Roto-Neck Guitar Limited Edition #35This is a guitar you 
may never see again. A Roberts ROTO-NECK. This is a signed Limited Edition 
1st run #35. Included is a video of the inventor showing how it is played, 
the certificate, sales info, custom made strap and anvil type hard case. 
It is in new condition. Other than being fondled this has never been 
played. It has six strings on both sides. It is played by using your 
opposing thumb to play bar chords while your fingers play lead. Your other 
thumb strums the chord while your fingers pluck the lead.  I know, it 
seems weird. It really has an interesting sound. In '92 this sold for 
$2500. My reserve is much lower.Terms and Conditions: This is an auction 
and you are expected to honor your bids. If you cannot honor this bid 
contract please do not bid. Payment is required in advance. All payment 
must be made in US currency. We accept personal checks, Cashiers Checks, 
and Money Orders. Please allow a minimum of 10 days for perso!
nal checks to clear. Layaway service is available on most items, call for 
details before bidding. The buyer is responsible for all shipping, 
handling and insurance charges on this item.  I will quote shipping to 
winning bidder. California residents must pay 7.75% sales tax. We cannot 
ship outside of the continental United States. Please include the eBay 
item # in all email correspondence. Items paid for with money order or 
certified check will be shipped within two business days. Registered eBay 
users may be allowed to pay by credit card.Listing created with Pre-Lister 
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