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Gibson update

I just talked to a customer support rep at Gibson who seemed a little more
in the know. He said he was talking to one of the hardware developers
working on the echoplex, and that as of 2 weeks ago the developer was able
to get hold of an original EDP to make a schematic from.

Since it's going to take them a little longer than a two weeks to work out 
schematic, design, build and produce the new product, anyone who was 
out for a new echoplex to be released (like myself) is screwed.

David Kirkdorffer, would you mind sending your list of committed buyers to
Line6, Lexicon, Digitech, Roland, Korg, Akai and any other companies you 
think might possibly build us a looping device. You might also want to show
them how much they go for on ebay.