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Re: Mr. Bungle anyone?

they played up in a place called Cameron Park (in Placer County near
Sacramento County) about a month or so ago, i'd imagine that was around the
time they were in SF also...

On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, Jim Poppen wrote:

[.Over ten years ago, Mr. Bungle played the Phoenix theater in Petaluma.
[.Out walks Patton wearing football-style shoulder pads, spandex pants,
[.and a GIANT dildo strapped to his forehead. Their opening song was a
[.spot-on cover of Prince's "Nothing Compares To You" (or is it "2 U"?).
[.The dramatic irony was hysterical. Later, Patton performed simulated
[.fellatio on the bassist (who had fake blood streaming from his mouth).
[.Their musical expertise totally blew me away, (no pun intended, I
[.swear). Do you know off hand if they'll be playing San Francisco anytime
[.soon? Are they keeping up with the insane stage antics?
[.Mike Biffle wrote:
[.> Fridays show in Santa Cruz at Palookaville was amazing! Having not 
heard their new release, I wasn't aware of their addition of ethereal 
Beach Boys style harmonies with a twist... Amazing display of musicianship 
from everyone.
[.> I also didn't know that Mike Patton played keys. Sometimes singing 
with one, two and sometimes a third mic as well as tweaking his vocal 
processors with dsp's AND triggering samples and synth sounds with filter 
tricks while singing, Mike Patton went b
eyond any singer I've ever seen. With the possible exception of formal 
electronic music treatments. Sounds ranging from demonic shrieking to 
classic jazz singing to animal, jungle and industrial noise effects came 
from his vocals and signal processors.
[.> On the looping front, it seemed like there were at least a few and 
possibly more segments of looped samples as the basic skeleton which the 
rest of the band (and sometimes not) played with. While it was somewhat 
obvious to me, It also seemed entirely 
seamless and appropriate and was definitely not distracting in any way. 
The fact that as a band they were capable of incredible flash cut changes 
of sound, dynamics, timbre and genre completely overshadowed any of the 
canned parts which we've all mentione
d in previous discussions here.
[.> Don't know the name of the rest of the gang, but it was Bass-Vox, 
Sax-Flute-Keys, Percussion (Patton said the percussionist was a UCSC music 
professor, Walter ???), Drums, Guitar-Keys-Vox (Spruance), Vox-Keys 
[.> Guitar sounds were great from Trey Spruance and he went direct. Looked 
like he had a Marshal JMP 1 rack tube pre as well as a Line 6 floorboard 
and possibly a POD. Just a house monitor, no amp. Some wailing fat surf 
sounds as well as great tremolo stu
ff and of course the requisite heavy metal sorts of sounds. He also played 
keys much of the time.
[.> There was some great schtick from Patton where he asked if any of 
Walter's students were out there and if they actually learned anything 
"from this clown"... One guy said he learned snare drum and Mike screamed 
"Well get the fuck up here NOW!!!" and t
hey got the drummer's snare out there for him to play. He played a long 
fast roll with Patton holding one of his processed mics over it. Patton 
then said "Hey... I thought that was pretty good, but Walter still thinks 
The guy actually took it very well and it was a good laugh. Not sure if it 
was staged, but it was very funny.
[.> Anyway... it was an awesome show, but it was also awesomely loud with 
real ear damage capability. I'm sorry I only had bar napkins threre to 
stuff in my ears. Woke up with my ears ringing... Full house all ages show 
as well... Great audience and no si
gn of violence... lots of smiling faces despite the extreme content and 
aggression of the music. High marks for audience vibe!
[.> best to all...
[.> -Miko
[.> Miko Biffle                          "Running scared from all the 
usual distractions..."
[.> mbiffle@svg.com