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Mr. Bungle needs Roland DJ 70 Mark 2!!!

Since we're talking about the great Mr. Bungle, I have some news about
something that they are in urgent need of on the road. 

If anyone has any leads on getting them an old Roland DJ 70 Mark 2 sampler,
I'm sure that they would be most grateful!  Here's the email info for
contacting their management:


Here's the actual message from their management:

A message from Pick-A-Winner Management: 

     Mr. Bungle is currently in need of a Roland DJ 70 Mark 2 (with
     SCSI port) 32MB RAM! This is an older sampler that is not made
     anymore. If someone can locate one for them they would be
     VERY grateful. This is urgent! Everyday counts! Please e-mail any
     leads to: Pick-A-Winner Mgt. Thanks!

I've got my fingers crossed! Let's help out a great band!!!
Jeff McLeod
This is not here--
And now is almost over...