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Re: Mr. Bungle anyone?

>>> Jim Poppen <zebu@mindspring.com> 08/30 12:47 PM >>>
> Over ten years ago, Mr. Bungle played the Phoenix theater in Petaluma. 
>Out walks Patton wearing football-style shoulder pads, spandex pants, and 
>a GIANT dildo strapped to his forehead. Their opening song was a spot-on 
>cover of Prince's "Nothing Compares To You" (or is it "2 U"?). The 
>dramatic irony was hysterical. Later, Patton performed simulated
fellatio on the bassist (who had fake blood streaming from his mouth). 
Their musical expertise totally blew me away, (no pun intended, I swear). 
Do you know off hand if they'll be playing San Francisco anytime soon? Are 
they keeping up with the insane stage antics?

While there were a fair amount of obvious provocative statements the stage 
persona of Mike was of a California Latino with pencil mustache and 
slicked back hair. He looked the part of a fairly dangerous border 
dweller. His stage presence was very commanding and he'd go from whisper 
to a scream visually as well as vocally...


Miko Biffle                          "Running scared from all the usual