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Re: Non loop related- recorders

Audio Technica AT 801 and the 702 are a good combo--l like the $250 or so
801 better than the 100-300$ Sony stereo mics

also use a pair of the $35 each AT 35 lavaliers from Best Buy for stereo 
mono sound seeking (they're chiclet sized and sound OK)

yes, the mic pre sucks--I use it anyway for now--someone suggested the
Sampson Mixpad 4 with batteries for cheap semi-portable mic pres

I travel with my 702 alot and it's great transporting a dozen or so
recordings (including the Torn and Squarepusher that my sweetie don't dig),
a few blank discs, the  AT 35's, spare Li battery and a pair of Sony ear
buds in a 3x5x7" nylon pouch

As far as the sound quality of the ATRAC compression, I think it sounds
pretty good, but I've seen posts from folks recording massed strings and
bagpipes who complained of distortion

Tom Lambrecht

BTW thanks loads for all those  ##  VORTEX  ## tips

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>> onsensus on what everyone uses to record live shows- it needs to be 
>> stereo- Mini disc or other- and what type of stereo mic
>Sennheiser MKE 66 stereo mike & Sony MZ-R35  =  good result.
>the mic's  a bit pricey though.
>Beware the mic input on the Sharp 702 is it's weak link.
>a rather poor mic pre-amp which colours the sound quite badly(IMHP),
>..It's brilliant if you use an external pre-amp ( or mixer) into the line
>I actually bought the 702, but when it wouldn't work there were no
>replacements in the shop , so they gave me the Sony instead.
>Sometimes I think the digital compression loses things (including stuff I
>could hear through the headphones during recording)
>..but for the money and conveniance you can't beat em.
>Andy Butler