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Re: More Non Loop re: MD-optical out?

After the recent MD posts, I too became very interested in them as a low
cost, portable, recording alternative to DAT.  The obvious question for 
of us is the whole digital out issue -- why not protect the quality by
maintaining it's digital integrity!

Unfortunately, my research* today indicates no one makes a PORTABLE 
with an optical or digital output in addition to the input.  Apparently 
used to make one, but no more.  I got the impression a lot of the "MD 
have both portable recorders and stand alone home systems as well.

* research consisted of surfing:

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Subject: More Non Loop re: MD-optical out?

> Is anybody aware of any portable MD recorder that has optical out?  I see
> optical out on the home decks but I'm yet to find one that has it in a
> walkman-style.
> Eric Hausmann