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Re: echoplex -- Zzounds

I have to say that I agree. They list the unreleased DFX 98 for $124. A 
of mine placed an order and was charged the full amount on his card. After
several blazing emails sent to Zzounds, he found out on his own that the 
was never even released. Zzounds never told him. In fact, Zzounds' said, 
out of stock of that item right now, but we'll send it to you the next 
time we
have them in stock." After several more blazing emails and threat of 
they finally returned his money.


Doug Lawrence wrote:

> I wouldn't take the Zzounds site too seriously, they still have the
> discontinued Korg Wavedrum listed on it. Believe you me, I was pretty
> excited when I saw that! (and, no, they don't have NOS)
> Also, Zzounds has a peculiar practice of charging you the full amount of 
> product right away even if it's placed on backorder. I had a terrible
> experience with them trying to a get a refund on a product that was
> backordered for over four months. I ended up ordering directly from the
> vendor and got it within a couple of days for only $10 more. YMMV.
> I also do not like an "e-store" who does not provide a phone number to 
> someone directly if there is a problem with the order. Zzounds only 
> an e-mail address, although they promise a quick response, I have found 
> not to be the case on several occasions.
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> Hey -
> The echoplex is back on Zzounds, but for the old (high) price of $579 + 
> for
> the pedal.  Is it time yet for us to resend that list of buyers to 
> and
> see what they have to say?  As of next week August is over, and a 
> message from Kim seemed to assert that they had said they would be 
> in
> August for a lower price.
> as an aside - that ring Stinger sounds pretty hip.  How does it stack up 
> the EH Microsynth?
> MT
> PS:  Anyone playing in NYC this weekend?
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