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RE: echoplex -- Zzounds

I wouldn't take the Zzounds site too seriously, they still have the
discontinued Korg Wavedrum listed on it. Believe you me, I was pretty
excited when I saw that! (and, no, they don't have NOS)

Also, Zzounds has a peculiar practice of charging you the full amount of 
product right away even if it's placed on backorder. I had a terrible
experience with them trying to a get a refund on a product that was
backordered for over four months. I ended up ordering directly from the
vendor and got it within a couple of days for only $10 more. YMMV.

I also do not like an "e-store" who does not provide a phone number to call
someone directly if there is a problem with the order. Zzounds only 
an e-mail address, although they promise a quick response, I have found 
not to be the case on several occasions.

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Hey -

The echoplex is back on Zzounds, but for the old (high) price of $579 + 99
the pedal.  Is it time yet for us to resend that list of buyers to Oberheim
see what they have to say?  As of next week August is over, and a previous
message from Kim seemed to assert that they had said they would be shipping
August for a lower price.

as an aside - that ring Stinger sounds pretty hip.  How does it stack up 
the EH Microsynth?


PS:  Anyone playing in NYC this weekend?
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