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MD stuff

I hesitate attaching this commercial message but since we've been talking about minidiscs I thought some of you might want to take advantage of this offer.  Please delete if you don't care about blank minidiscs.
Dennis Leas
Ay Chihuahua! Minidisco introduces SAME DAY SHIPPING & NEXT DAY DELIVERY!

That's right!  Order from our web site before 12:30PM Eastern Time, Monday thru Friday, and on the
VERY SAME DAY your order will rocket out of the launch tubes here at the Minidisco subterranean
research complex.  Thus- if you place your order online before 12:30PM EST Mon-Thurs, AND you
select Next Day service, YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR ORDER THE VERY NEXT DAY! If our service was any
faster, you'd go back in time!

Also...you've still got a few more days to take advantage of our latest groovy promotion.  Order on
our site before August 31, 1999, we'll send you *** 3 FREE BRIGHT RED HI-SPACE MINIDISCS *** with
your next order.  Hurry!  It's ending soon!

Here's how it works:

Order at least $25 worth of stuff (not including shipping) from Minidisco's web site at
http://www.minidisco.com.  On the bottom of the order page where you enter your name, address, and
credit card information, find the box where you are asked for a "promotional code".  In this box,
type the following code word: RAIDEEN

Important:  Make sure that you enter the code word EXACTLY as it is typed above, in all UPPERCASE
letters.  Then submit your personal information and VOILA!  Your free fabulous Hi-Space MiniDiscs
will appear on your order!   This offer is good for orders placed on our WEB SITE only (not good
for phone orders).  The offer EXPIRES on August 31, 1999.

It's OK to tell your friends about this promotion, but there is a limit of one promotional 3-pack
per customer per day.  That means that if you order more than once per day, we'll catch you and
only send out one 3-pack!  Aaargh!! That's worse than getting nothing!

PS:  We still have a very few Prospec Digital Signal processors in stock, and at $249.00 they're a
real bargain.  Get one now cause when they're gone, they're gone forever.


Jim, John, Adam, Jimmy, Rose, Paul & Bob
2124 Kittredge St. #56
Berkeley CA 94704
Phone: (510)-848-6703

"MD Rocks!"

If you want to get off this mailing list, hit reply and put the word REMOVE in the subject of your
email.  We'll take you off right away, we promise!