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Re: echoplex

I was just about to put a $650.00 bid on a used one on EBay! You saved me.
Does anyone know where these new units came from? Are they newly produced? Do they still use 30 pin SIMMS?
I'll write zzounds and ask them I guess.
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Sent: Friday, August 27, 1999 12:11 PM
Subject: echoplex

Hey -

The echoplex is back on Zzounds, but for the old (high) price of $579 + 99 for
the pedal.  Is it time yet for us to resend that list of buyers to Oberheim and
see what they have to say?  As of next week August is over, and a previous
message from Kim seemed to assert that they had said they would be shipping in
August for a lower price.

as an aside - that ring Stinger sounds pretty hip.  How does it stack up vs.
the EH Microsynth?


PS:  Anyone playing in NYC this weekend?
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