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Re: Cuccurullo loops

I heard that Warren C. did some solo releases a few years back. The terms
"ambient" and "self-indulgent" were bandied about, which means I might love
them. Any comments, criticisms, dialogues, do-a-logs?
    And why does MicahH work under the pseudonym Elaine Walters, and vice
versa? Or is this none of my cold-nosed business, and poor nettiquette to
Douglas Baldwin, Alpha male Coyote, the Trickster

>Thought I might mention that I caught Duran Duran last weekend.  Warren
>Cuccurullo (guitar player for those not in the know) unleashed some nice
>bits of looped mayhem with a couple of Jammans (and LOADS of fx).  Nice
>stuff from that guy.