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Re: Non loop related- recorders

At 11:00 AM 8/26/99 -0700, you wrote:
>    Hi all-    I wanted to get a consensus on what everyone  uses to 
>live shows- it needs to be small and stereo- Mini disc or other-  and what
>type of stereo mic do you all find that works well? I need to record  for
>private listening only- so I don't need dat plus I cant afford it anyway- 
>price range up to about $300.

The Sharp model 702 minidisc recorder is easy to use for direct feeds off a
mixer.  I don't recall there being a mic input, however.  I suppose one
could try to input a stereo mic with 1/8" plug into the "line in" and see
what happens. . . .

The Sony WM-D3 recordable walkman cassette comes with a remote stereo
microphone, and has Dolby B noise reduction, mic and line inputs, and
frequency response up to 16khz.  Retail is $269.00, but one can sometimes
find them (a little bit rare) for $199.00 or $209.00.  I currently have one
on order and will let you know how it works out.  I've heard the results of
one, and they're not bad at all.  If my memory serves, Wayne Krantz's CD
"Two Drink Minimum" was recorded at a New York jazz club with one of those,
but I may be wrong.

Hope this helps.


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