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Re: Non loop related- recorders

Sharp Minidisc model MD-MS702; either direct from board or via Sony ECM-727P stereo mic
I love it.
Dennis Leas
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Date: Thursday, August 26, 1999 1:24 PM
Subject: Non loop related- recorders

Hi all-
I wanted to get a consensus on what everyone uses to record live shows- it needs to be small and stereo- Mini disc or other- and what type of stereo mic do you all find that works well? I need to record for private listening only- so I don't need dat plus I cant afford it anyway- price range up to about $300.
I currently use a mini casette recorder that is pretty bad sound quality- if only the tape rolled smoothly it would be better but there is flutter in most cheap mini casette players it seems- and none in stereo-