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Re: Zoom 2100 - FP1, FP2

I bought my second one this week!  On the foot controller issue, I posted a
question a couple of weeks back which no one responded to: will a Roland
EV-5 work with the 2100?  The answer is no, not stock.  I've found that the
pot in the EV-5 is 10K, and the resistance needed by the Zoom is probably
at least 50K.  I've replaced the pot in my EV-5 (two of them, actually)
with a 100K from Radio Shack, and it's swell.  Probably any footpedal will
do if you get the right pot into it.  Wire one side of the pot to ground,
and the other lugs to ring and tip plug conductors (the two "signal"
conductors in your stereo cord).

David Myers

>I've seen two compatable foot controllers for the Zoom 2100, the FP1 and
>FP2. The Zoom website says that FP1 is a fully functional volume pedal
>as well as expression pedal.
>Are these things proprietary or not ?  I don't mind buying an accessory
>as long as it isn't redundant.   I would think that a lot of you are
>looking at your's thinking similar thoughts.
>How many Loopers bought one this week ? Hands ?!!
>G. Wong