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Re: Headrush (or any delay)modification idea??

In a message dated 25/08/99 14:50:56 GMT Daylight Time, haeusle@aon.at 

> i'm just getting my stuff together to build my own effect box (a simple
>  distortion).
>  if you have any experiences with this stuff, please let me know.

I used to do simple mods on 70's FX, the new stuff is beyond me.
The only FX I've built myself have been from kits.
...except, that is for the onboard distortion for my guitar.
Building your own distortion unit is easy, as any amplifier circuit can be 
made to distort.
I used one transistor to make the most basic amplifier circuit possible 
then attached
a diode to at various points until I liked the sound. 
Most simple distortion units just have an OP Amp with 2 diodes in the 
feedback loop.

Do try different kinds of diodes (germainium is more 'retro ' than silicon)

You'll get the best sound by repeatedly experimenting and listening.

You'll find plenty of schematics for vintage distortion units on the 
I don't have any URLs for you but you might like to start at Harmony 

Please feel free to ask me if you have problems, I'll help if I can.

Good luck
Andy Butler