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Re: talking wall warts..

In a message dated 22/08/99 18:17:30 GMT Daylight Time, 
dbaldwin@suffolk.lib.ny.us writes:

> My suspicion is that the Alesis and Lexicon wall warts are AC 
>  current) while all others are DC (direct current). 

yes , the LexWarts are definately AC

running a Lex rack which expects AC on a DC wart may work for 
a while, but I'd be worried about burning out a component in the lex
( a diode which would be carrying 2 times the current than if used with 
right wart, ) 

the lexwarts (presumably) only contain transformers
so could be replaced with a homemade device very easily.
you'd just need to buy one that converts the local voltage to 9 V
(AC). connect the 2 I/P wires to +ve & -ve terminals (either way round ,
unless one is connected to the chassis of the transformer, in which case
connect this to the negative)
connect the 2 O/P wires to a socket to fit the rack(either way round)
...but as mains voltages are involved you'd have to know what you were 

Andy Butler

A thought... maybe usisng wallwarts makes it easier to elliminate earth