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Control voltage source

    I've been searching the Web for a control voltage source which I'd like
to use for a variety of applications. Specifically related to looping, the
dream box would have an output of +5v in a variety of waveforms to drive 
variable low frequency thingie in my Bob-Sellon-modded Lexicon PCM-42.
Currently the PCM-42 has a wave which can oscillate the delay in a sine 
(the pitch goes uuuuppppp real slow - or fast - and bbbaaaacccckkkk
dddoooowwwnnnn equally so) or square wave (the pitch jumps! up! then down!)
and the depth of the oscillation can be adjusted. What I'd like is to have
all kinds of wave shapes available - sine, square, triangle, sawtooth,
reverse sawtooth, random/noise, and toss in a sample-and-hold to boot. I
suspect that if the frequency of this usually-subaudio wave were to get 
the audio range, things would get very Ring Modulated, eh? But I can't seem
to find a nice pre-built box.
    The other application for this wonderbox would be to control the
Moogerfooger Ring Mod. I'd like to tune the control voltage to very 
pitches in the audio range to achieve very predictable results. Perhaps a
keyboard control would be appropriate. BTW, I've checked out PAIA
Electronics for this. No luck.
    Please, Loopers, please help me in my time of need.
Douglas Baldwin, Alpha male Coyote, the Trickster