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Re: "Cloud loopers"??

Hi James...

A cloud loop to me is an atmospheric and layered shorter delay (500ms
- 3000ms) with medium to high regen. If you have a pedal on the delay
input level or the input to the dsp you can be playing along happily
and "inject" a quick cloud to recirculate for a while... A pitch
shifter inside of a delay feedback loop creates cascading spacey
chordal stacks. The LXP15 does this quite nicely.

A JamMan will definitely do clouds in delay mode... shorter delays
created denser clouds more quickly. Longer delay times tend to for
more defined repetitive phrases. Unfortunately you're then using your
dedicated long delay looper to be your cloud looper and then can't
capture a sequence of several floating clouds.


>>> "Lanpheer, James" <James.Lanpheer@cai.com> 08/20 11:25 AM >>>
What the H-E-DoubleHockeySticks is a "cloud looper"?

I don't play guitars, but i can envision what the "sound" might be
but what would make a cloud looper any different from a regular
Many have mentioned them in passing, but with no specifics..  Could a
be a "cloud looper"?

Fill me in on cloud loopers, me wants to know!

Jim Lanpheer