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Re: Introduction & questions

Patricio Murphy wrote:
> 3- How does the Lexicon JamMan rate in terms of reliability? I can get
> it second hand quite cheap down here.

If you can get a JamMan in working condition for cheap, turn around and
sell it for a profit!  But try it out first... they're great fun.  :} 
Lexicon gear is extremely well-made, but the wall-wart would worry me in
the long term.  OTOH, it's not like a 9vac wall-wart is impossible to
find... i actually have spares.

> 4- Am I missing something? Maybe there's a multiFX that has built-in
> looping capabilities, or another pedalboard option (I know Digitech
> RP20, but since my bad experience with the PMC10 and their product
> support, I'll pass Digitech this time), or something...

What's your budget like?  The new Lexicon guitar effect thing looks
really nice, but $$$!!