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Re: Headrush (or any delay)modification idea??

I noticed a propensity for the Hdrsh to "clean up" bass sounds that
overdrove it's input and "dirty up" similarly too-high-gained treble sounds
with each echo. Haven't tested it further, tho'.

>No, this was in "Looping Rec" mode. The HF damp position is irrelevant,
>since it only operates in "Tape Echo" and "Normal Delay" modes (and was
>fully counterclockwise anyway...) It seemed like a gradual shift in the
>upper-midrange emphasis; it probably wouldn't have been noticeable at all
>under normal conditions because it was SO gradual.
>At 12:44 AM 8/18/99 EDT, you wrote:
>><< ... I was enjoying the way the parts kept going in and out of phase,
>>noticed that the timbre of the Headrush loop had definitely changed over
>>time. The volume seemed to be the same, but some of the frequencies were
>>pronounced, so much so that it sounded like a new part had been 
>>somewhere along the line. >>
>>Did you have hi-damp on at all?  I usually set it completely off.  But 
>>sounds definitely change with it on.  Fun hunh?  ;-)