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RE: Dangers of Dixieland / Talent

I think the real responsibility here lies with the trombone 
manufacturers, who should take a tip from car design, and 
produce trombone slides which crumple on impact. Thus absorbing
the energy and minimising the risk to bystander and tromboner alike.

Whilst I agree that technology makes it easier to sound like XYZ 
than it was when XYZ were worth listening to I still go totally
green with envy when I meet someone with natural talent (and lots
of it).
A friend of mine, left handed guitarist playing a right handed guitar
upside down (not re-strung, just upside down) was showing me a simple 
When I made the excuse that I couldn't follow what he was playing
because the guitar was upside down he simply turned the guitar
over and played it again right-handed. Oh, I hated that.

Jim Carter

e-mail jim.carter@bris.ac.uk