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Re: Freeq

Eric, I'm talking bandwidth, not sampling rates.  Maybe an engineer here
can remind me of the formula, but audio bandwidth is something like
slightly-less-than-half the sampling frequency.  If the Boomerang samples
at 16k and 8k, your audio will be around 7k/3.5k, suitable for looping
ukelele in my book.  Be sure to use one of those thick felt picks.

David Myers

> I believe that, of all the devices under discussion recently, these two
> actually represent the extremes.  The Headrush is 20 kHz bandwidth and 
> 'Rang is, as I recall, about 8 kHz.  'Rang users?  If this is a matter of
> concern, let me reiterate that the Headrush is sweet in that respect.
>  >>
>Not sure in terms of bandwidth, but those look like sampling rates to me. 
>use the Rang, as a lower-fi companion to my Jam Man. The Boomer does 
>16kHz at
>high speed, or 8kHz sampling at slow speed. The slow rate is reminiscent 
>the grainy texture of the treasured EH 16 sec. delay. Great for guitar or
>long-distance texturizing. But those seeking glassy pure tones should
>consider other devices.
>eric p
>echo park