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I used to have an E-H Zipper Envelope follower.  I regret selling it
at a garage sale for $20.  I was stupid.

I still have an original issue MXR Blue Box that I bought for $16 at 
my local music store.  I was told last year that New York studio 
musicians were paying $300 for the things.

I also have a TC Electronic Booster Line Driver.  I've had lots of
offers for it and always wondered why until I found out that one of
these boxes is actually just like a channel in a certain high-end 
mixing console.  Engineers use them as mic preamps by plugging a mic
into the XLR in on a load unbalancer, then plugging that into the XLR
on the BLD, then they take the line out from the BLD and re-balance
that going into the mixer or tape recorder.  It's really quiet and 
is more suitable for goosing the front end of a tube device - it's 
distortion is kind of anemic, so the boost mode is what most people
want it for. 

Oh, and also I have a Boss pedal DD3 delay.  That's a fun looping 
device.  I use that one a lot on synth leads in conjunction with an
Ibanez Swell Flanger a friend loaned me.