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Re: Ever feel like throwing your stuff in the garbage?

I have an EH Micro Synth, a Deluxe Memory Man, 2 regular Memory Men, a
Space Drum (disco synth drum sound), a Panic Button, and a Big Muff. I got
them all as hand me downs from my dad. They used to be my "secret sound
tools" until Electro Harmonix had to go and start reissuing the stuff! Now
I spend my time looking for analog drum machines and cheesy old keyboards.

When I played bass, I'd practice and practice until I'd go to the music
store and find kids who naturally had what it took me years to even think
about. I guess that's part of what led me to start experimenting with
objects and found sounds--that gave me an edge that the kids didn't have.
Eventually I gave up trying to be good at playing instruments. Where did
that lead me? Now I meet people who are great instrumentalists and are
also great with objects and found sounds. I guess we'll never win.


Mike Biffle wrote:

> Michael Haumesser wrote...
> >  Remember the shitty new stuff you buy today is the "vintage" find
> of tomorrow.
> I'm with you on that one Michael! This following kind of thing just
> kills me...
> It was just mentioned to me, by a very tone and vintage conscious
> person, that certain people are now going back to buying new Strat
> pickups (of the 60's and 70's style) because when Hendrix recorded, it
> was with new pickups on fairly new guitars...
> I don't think I'll be moving back to the crappy 6 screw tremolo setups
> on old Strats anytime soon.
> Miko Biffle      "Running scared from all the usual distractions..."
> mbiffle@svg.com