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Re: Freeq

In a message dated 99-08-17 00:07:16 EDT, you write:

 I believe that, of all the devices under discussion recently, these two
 actually represent the extremes.  The Headrush is 20 kHz bandwidth and the
 'Rang is, as I recall, about 8 kHz.  'Rang users?  If this is a matter of
 concern, let me reiterate that the Headrush is sweet in that respect.

Not sure in terms of bandwidth, but those look like sampling rates to me. 
use the Rang, as a lower-fi companion to my Jam Man. The Boomer does 16kHz 
high speed, or 8kHz sampling at slow speed. The slow rate is reminiscent 
the grainy texture of the treasured EH 16 sec. delay. Great for guitar or 
long-distance texturizing. But those seeking glassy pure tones should 
consider other devices.

eric p
echo park