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Re: Headrush (or any delay)modification idea??

I left mine going for about an hour and a half last night, running
non-synchronously with a short loop from my Korg SDD-1000 and a longer
minidisc loop (20 secs or so) of some gamelan samples. (Guitar & bass in
the Headrush, synth in the Korg loop) I was enjoying the way the parts kept
going in and out of phase, and noticed that the timbre of the Headrush loop
had definitely changed over time. The volume seemed to be the same, but
some of the frequencies were more pronounced, so much so that it sounded
like a new part had been introduced somewhere along the line.


At 01:11 PM 8/17/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Keep that sucker on for more than a half-hour and you'll hear a drop in
>volume. Keep it on for twelve-to-twentyfour and it'll disappear. I tried 
>Not that I'm looping for the public at such intervals; their attention 
>have dropped markedly since the introduction of the printed word, don't