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Re: Eventide GTR4000

In a message dated 8/17/99 3:35:28 PM, you wrote:

<<Well.. How about this GTR4000, from the Eventide series of
DSP4000 family processors? >>

I've got one without the sampler, and it's a monster, in both senses of 
word: sounds incredible, requires wrestling. Just tweaking parameters is 
easy, but creating new patches is a challenge. It's also annoying that for 
such an expensive piece, you have to keep buying expensive add-ons to get 
to do what you want: The hardware sampler (which apparently also can 
as the same amount of delay memory) is a pretty logical, if large, extra 
expense, but having to buy a data card to get more than around 20 slots 
user saves, or a $400 preset card to access new features (the Alchemy 
collection---definitely worth it for looping) is a burn. But, there's 
nothing you couldn't get this beast to do sampling- or delay-wise, given 
time and the programming savvy. Plus, it's damn cool right outta the box, 
it can go WAY beyond looping----WHILE it's looping!