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RE: Ever feel like throwing your stuff in the garbage?

another possible angle on this. there are people who have more "natural
talent" than others - - and do nothing with it. and there are others who
have to work their asses off to try and make something - - and succeed. i'm
sure that we have all known people like this.


> Yes,  it is easier to sound like Hendrix.  It's also true, though, that
> there
> are some 14-year-olds out there who have more talent than many of us will
> ever
> live to develop.  This could in part be why no one makes a worse music
> critic
> than another musician.
> Meow!  <hissing>
> Let me break it down.  It's called jealousy, baby.
> Tossing trumpet into the Tiber,
> Timothy
> > It's a lot easier to sound like, say, Jimi Hendrix now than it was in
> 1966.
> >
> > TH
> >
> > > I was at a music store yesterday trying out some gear and there was
> this
> > > 14 year old kid playing a $600 Yamaha synth and I nearly passed out 
> was
> > > so good.  He was making stuff up that sounded like it came off of a
> damn
> > > vintage 1970s T. Dream or Eno album.  He eventually got tired of his
> > > little brother making horrid noise on some other synth so he took off
> > > with brother in tow, but amazing - this guy could have been a genius
> if
> > > he'd been heard 20 years ago.  It was still amazing as it is today.
> >
> >